CCIC STLQ is an independent and fair lab, inspection company working appointed to customs clearance in china.


CCIC STLQ services remove impediments to the commodities of international trade, especially the delivery and receipt of goods, and the reasonable settlement of claims and disputes to international clients.


CCIC STLQ is partner with China Certification & Inspection (Group) Co. (CCIC) is authorized by China State Council and is accredited by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection & Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ) to be a transnational organization that focusing on services of Inspection, Survey, Accreditation and Testing.

Besides other goods and services, CCIC STLQ has been authorized by AQSIQ to monitor the China import environment as regards to the China market.


We are now representative with approximately 300 offices, 200 cooperative labs, over 16,000 employees. CCIC’s business network covers major ports, cities and trade centers in over 30 countries and regions.

  1. CCC Mark,

  2. CCAP Mark certification,

  3. CCC Pre-Shipment Inspection,

  4. CCC Exemption,

  5. China Self Declaration,

Construction Worker

CCIC STLQ is legal-company status, registered within the territory of China, authorized by an overseas producer (manufacturer) to submit a self-declaration and submit product compliance information on behalf of the overseas producer (manufacturer) to the CNCA’s compliance information submission system.

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