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Brief Introduction of CQC:

CQC is an authoritative certification body with independent operation personnel approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration of People Republic of China (CNCA). It is the largest and of such organization in China and had issued the biggest number of certificates in China.

CQC headquarter is located in Beijing, P.R.C. It is a professional certification body established by AQSIQ. It has 11 sub-centers for product certification and 31 audit centers for management system certification in China, with 180 contracted testing laboratories and 17 CB laboratories.


CQC is one of the earliest institutions that provide specialized certification with over 20 years of experience as the former China Quality Certification Center for Import and Export established in 1993, and Secretariat of China Commission for Conformity Certification of Electrical Equipment (CCEE) established in 1984.

  • CCIC STLQ would appoint professional training by nationally registered auditors such as:

    • internal audits and quality management;

    • environment management;

    • occupational health and safety;

    • electrical safety;

    • and food safety

Competences in GB standards and approve for CCC certification required from CCC national regulations.

Audit Content :

In accordance with CNCA “Introduction for Carrying out Assurance Audit on Certification Body”(CNAS-EC-032:2011, CNCA has taken the assurance audit on the part of certification bodies.

The certified organization of assurance audit focus on,

    1. Applying to convert certificate body, especially for recertified organization which is not pass the audit or suspended and withdrawn by other certification bodies,

    2. For the certified organization which exits greater risk or more issues industry and area,

    3. For the certified organization which has quality, safety or environmental accident,

    4. For the certified organization which exits serious problems or issues in national supervision,

    5.For the certified organization which is complaint or media exposure result in adverse effect on society or in consumers,

    6. The certified organization may exits problems in other additional information,

    7. A certain percentage of random sampling.

More details can contact with accepted certification body.

This accreditation is required by China for overall Product Quality :

Inspection Services include:

  • Third-Party Quality Control Factory Audits (ISO 17020, i.e. ICC-ES AC10)

  • Field-installed Roofing and Building Envelope Inspection

  • Factory-built Structures Inspection

  • China CCC Audit and Inspection

  • Automotive Vehicles Inspection

  • Electrical Product Inspection

  • Building Products Inspection

  • Food, Beverage,

  • Medical Devices Inspection

  • And many other activity....

We provides support to all test services worlwide on audit for full certification programme.

Inspection Template for CCC files download:

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Any questions for China CCC annual audit application please contact us. CCC STLQ can appoint auditors  closed to your factory that save time and money.

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