Building Products

Building Products

Tiles / Safety Glass / Wood Coating

Buildings Products

SAMR/CNCA compulsory certification announcement

Announcement on Optimization of Mandatory Product Certification Inventory

Building material products are :

  1. Solvent type paint for wood

  2. Ceramic tile 

  3. Architectural safety glass 

The implementing rules are :


CNCA-C21-01: Ceramic tile 

CNCA-C13-01: Architectural Safety Glass

CNCA-C21-01: Solvent type paint for wood

The CNCA regulation requires that decorating and refurbishing products listed in the product catalogue, irrespective of the place of manufacture, must be assessed in a three-step CCC certification process:

1. The Type Test (Ex-product evaluation, testing and certification)
2. The Initial Factory Inspection
3. The Post-Certification Supervision (Surveillance audits and Re-Assessment audits)

CCIC STLQ can take care of all CCC and Voluntary certification procedures by representing you directly as Agent for China authorities and competent body for inspection, testing and certification,

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