Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

China Energy Label

China Energy Labeling

The China Energy Label (CEL) is an energy consumption label for products in China, similar to the European Union energy label. Manufacturers of specified electronic devices are obligated to attach a CEL label to their goods to inform China-based consumers of the product's energy efficiency. The label includes the product's energy efficiency class (1-5) as well as information regarding its energy consumption.[1]

On 16 November 2018, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) published the "Energy Efficiency Star Certified Products List 2018" which contains 158 models of products in 15 categories for inclusion in the Energy Efficiency Star Program.



Products covered include :

  • clothes washers,

  • water heaters,

  • LCD televisions,

  • room air conditioning equipment,

  • rice cookers,

  • microwaves,

  • household refrigerators/freezers,

  • transformers,

  • electric motors,

  • industrial equipment,

  • welding equipment,

  • boilers,

  • air compressors,

  • plastic injection machinery,

  • fans, and pumps.

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The CEL programme establishes a mandatory requirement for manufacturers and importers to complete the CEL registration process with CELC and label products from CEL Catalogue before selling or importing products in the country. Mandatory labelling is required from stated products above.

CCIC STLQ can take care of all CCC and Voluntary certification procedures by representing you directly as Agent for China authorities and competent body for inspection, testing and certification,

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