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According to an announcement by the Chinese market regulation authority SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation) CCC certification will become mandatory for explosion protection products. Starting October 1, 2019 these products can apply for China CCC certification and from October 1, 2020 CCC will become mandatory for these products.

Classification of Ex-products in (17) Categories :

1 Ex motors

2 Ex pumps

3 Ex power distribution devices

4 Ex switches, control and protective device

5 Ex starters

6 Ex transformers

7 Ex actuators, valves

8 Ex plugs and sockets

9 Ex monitoring devices

10 Ex communication, signal devices

11 Ex air conditioning, ventilation system

12 Ex electrical heating devices

13 Ex accessories, Ex components

14 Ex instruments

15 Ex sensors

16 Safety barriers

17 Ex instrument cabinets

The CNCA-C23-01:2019 regulation requires that all Ex-products listed in the product catalogue, irrespective of the place of manufacture, must be assessed in a three-step CCC certification process:

1. The Type Test (Ex-product evaluation, testing and certification)
2. The Initial Factory Inspection
3. The Post-Certification Supervision (Surveillance audits and Re-Assessment audits)

CCIC STLQ can take care of all CCC and Voluntary certification procedures by representing you directly as Agent for China authorities and competent body for inspection, testing and certification,

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