Network Access License

Terminal Equipment Network

All TTE equipment (Telecommunications Terminal Equipment) must obtain a Network Access License (NAL) from MIIT before being placed on the market. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The scope of China NAL approval includes 3 categories of equipment:


  • Equipment used in network interconnection (such as: routers, access network equipment, IP gateways and gatekeepers, etc.) 

  • Wireless communications equipment (such as: base stations, microwave communications equipment, etc.)    

  • Telecommunications terminal equipment (such as: fixed telephones, mobile terminals, fax machines, etc.)

If a device includes RF function, it is required to obtain SRRC certification and then the NAL license. Apart from the NALicense, some telecommunications equipment also needs a CCC certification. However, the NALicense should be obrained before.

Please see SRRC Certifcation:

The NAL marking including the certification number, the declared model of the equipment and a random unique identifier will be affixed to the equipment


CCIC STLQ can take care of all CCC and Voluntary certification procedures by representing you directly as Agent for China authorities and competent body for inspection, testing and certification,

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