Steps to verify if your product is exempted from Regulation:

From The General Administration of Market Supervision on clear exemption

1. Meet the conditions of CCC exemption​:


(1) Products and samples required for scientific research, testing and certification testing.

(2) Parts and components directly required for the end user's maintenance purposes.

 (3) Equipment parts (not including office supplies) required by the complete set of production lines of the factory production line.


(4) Products used only for commercial display but not for sale.

(5) Products (including exhibits) that need to be returned after being temporarily imported;


(6) Parts imported for the purpose of exporting the whole machine.


(7) Other situations exempted from compulsory product certification for special purposes.

There is a lot of erroneous information regarding what qualifies for exemption, how to apply and what supporting documents are required. Sorting this out can be difficult for a manufacturer or distributor, so it is suggested to be sure that the product does in fact qualify. Even if the product meets the criteria for exemption, it is not a given that exemption status will be accepted by customs.

2. Is my product is exempted from CCC certification: Flow Chart 

Is my Product is CCC Exempted ?

Is the I/O voltage 

36V or Higher?


The product is not subject to CCC if the voltage is less than 36V AC or DC

Out of CCC certification (Exemption Letter is required)

Is the product 

included in the list of CCC compulsory items ?


The product is not subject to CCC if it is not on the list of CCC compulsory items. CNCA 2007, No 9 Publication.

Out of CCC certification (Exemption Letter is required)

Do IEC standards (equivalent to GB standards) apply to the product?


Check if there are IEC standards, which are equivalent to GB standards specified in the implementation rules.

Out of CCC certification (Exemption Letter is required)
Quantity and volume for each batch is under controled and have to be declared for the CCC exemption application, below the lisitng and product quantity whioch can be allowed for each category of product covered by the CCC exemption certifcates:

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