China Compulsory Certification: CCC Process 

Your product is within CCC catalogue ​:

The optimized compulsory product certification catalogue has a total of 103 products in 17 categories and is hereby announced.

"Announcement on Product Certification Catalog Description and Definition Table" (CCC Announcement No. 45, 2014)

The CCC process shall be used in conjonction with implementation Rules stated below Link:


Includes Process specification for :

  1. Type test + Initial factory inspection + Follow-up inspection,

  2. Certification Process

  3. Requirements for certification


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Selecting the Regulations to be applied for the CCC certification:

- HS Code 

- Products Description 

- Application Contacts Information,

The product shall be subject to relevant laws, regulations

CCIC STLQ would make a review of your application and documentations, may ask further information whether necessary,

We would be able to provide standard / regulation that your product is applicable

CCIC STLQ would choose a lab (approved by CNAS) complying with the requirements of GB/T 27025 (or the equivalent ISO/IEC 17025) 

  • Application—the appropriate documentation is submitted to proper authorities.

  • Testing—An accredited Chinese laboratory, according to mandatory GB standards, must perform sample testing

  • Factory Inspection—Chinese inspectors must conduct factory inspection on every factory that makes a component of the final exported product. This is to evaluate the company’s current quality systems as well as ensure the factory meets Chinese standards for quality management. 

  • Evaluation—The testing a factory inspection results are evaluated to determine if the CCC is granted

  • Marking— The CCC mark is affixed to the product.

  • Follow-up inspection— the manufacturing facility must be inspected every 12-18 months.

Only after the CCC certificate for the product has been issued can the manufacturer apply for CCC mark and labeling.  The certificate number for the product must be included in the application for printing the CCC Mark.


The manufacturer has two options:

  • Purchase a standard-sized mark from CNCA

  • Submit a drawing to CNCA for approval with your CCC mark application and print your own. 

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