Exclusion from CCC certification​

  According to the "Regulations on the Administration of Compulsory Product Certification" (Order No. 5 of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China), for the special circumstances in factory sales, imports and business activities, for the "Product Catalog for Compulsory Product Certification" The products in the catalog (hereinafter referred to as the "Catalog") do not require mandatory product certification or are exempt from the conditions for compulsory product certification, and will be announced.

1. If the following conditions are met, no compulsory product certification is required.

1. Foreign embassies, consulates and international organizations in China and their own diplomatic personnel items;
2. Articles for official use of the Hong Kong and Macao SAR governments in the Mainland and their staff for personal use;
3. The immigration personnel carry their own articles for entry from abroad;
4.Intergovernmental assistance and gifts.
Products in the "catalogue" that meet the above conditions do not need to apply for a compulsory product certification certificate, nor do they need to apply the China Compulsory Product Certification Mark.



2. Those who meet the following conditions may be exempted from compulsory product certification.
      1. Products required for scientific research and testing;
      2. The introduction of parts required for the assessment of production line technology;
      3. 3. Products directly needed for end user maintenance purposes;
      4  4. The necessary equipment/components for the factory production line/complete production line (excluding office supplies);
      6. Products used only for commercial display but not for sale; 6.

      6. Products (including exhibits) that need to be returned to the customs after temporary import;
      8. Parts and components imported by general trade for the purpose of exporting the whole machine; 

      8. Parts and components imported by feed or incoming processing for the purpose of exporting the whole machine.
      For products in the "catalogue" that meet the above conditions, manufacturers, importers, sellers or their agents may apply to the relevant quality inspection agencies, and submit relevant applications, proof materials that meet the exemption requirements, and liability guarantees


Documents such as books, product conformity declarations (including type test reports), etc. can only be shipped from the factory, imported, and used in business activities after being approved to obtain


Exemption from Compulsory Product Certification".

      3. The products in the "Catalogue" are punished in accordance with the "Regulations for Certification and Accreditation of the People's Republic of China" and supporting regulations in any of the following situations.
      1. Those who do not meet the conditions of this announcement and excuse factory sales, imports, and use in business activities without compulsory product certification;
      2. This announcement is in line with the conditions but did not get "from handle mandatory product certification certificate" without the factory sales, import and use in business activities;
      3. Making up false materials to deceive the "Exemption from Compulsory Product Certification";
      4. After obtaining the "Exemption from Compulsory Product Certification", it is not used according to the original application purpose.


      4. Relevant manufacturers, importers, sellers or their agents are obliged to cooperate with the quality inspection agencies to carry out supervision and investigation on matters that do not require / are exempt from mandatory product certification.

      5. This announcement will be implemented from April 1, 2005, and the National Announcement No. 8 of 2002 will be abolished at the same time.