ISO / IEC 17020 accreditation / ILAC recognition

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Product Quality Inspection and Supervision

CCIC is accredated by ISO 17020 for global inspection services to verify quality almost anywhere in the world including china, we conduct inspection of finished good, we inspect manufacturing process, final products and quality documentation for compliance for either our own certification programs or other program owners.

Our team of qualified service reps will help you evaluate your manufacturing plant or product to assure quality and conformity.

ISO 17020 Conformit assessment - Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection. 

Based in China we support all third parties programme with quality inspeciton per ISO/IEC 17020 through china region.

This accreditation is required by China for overall Product Quality :

Inspection Services include:

  • Third-Party Quality Control Factory Audits (ISO 17020, i.e. ICC-ES AC10)

  • Field-installed Roofing and Building Envelope Inspection

  • Factory-built Structures Inspection

  • China CCC Audit and Inspection

  • Automotive Vehicles Inspection

  • Electrical Product Inspection

  • Building Products Inspection

  • Food, Beverage,

  • Medical Devices Inspection

  • And many other activity....

We provides support to all test services worlwide on inspection for full certification programme.

Inspection Template for CCC files download:

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