China Compulsory Certification: SDoC Process 

Your product is within CCC catalogue with Self Declaration​:

The CCC SDoC is subject to the general CNCA implementation rule CNCA-00C-008: 2018. 

This Rules specifies the definitions, self-declaration procedure, compliance information submission and self-declaration requirements, CCC mark, requirements for self-selected laboratory, post-market supervision, responsibilities and obligations of related parties, etc. involved in the conformity assessment activities in the compulsory certification that demonstrate product compliance in a self-declaration manner. This Rules applies to products in the compulsory certification catalogue which allow for self-declaration to prove the product compliance and to mark CCC marks.


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CNAS CCIC Lab Testing 

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The application online includes the mandatory informations:
a) Certificate of business registration of domestic producer;
b) Certificate of business registration of authorized representative (applicable only
to overseas producer);
c) Product description;
d) Standard information on which the type test is based;
CCIC STLQ would make a review of your application and documentations, may ask further information whether necessary
CCIC STLQ would choose a lab (approved by CNAS) complying with the requirements of GB/T 27025 (or the equivalent ISO/IEC 17025) 
Product would be evaluated
CCIC STLQ would help to compile overall technical documentation required for the SDoC
The producer/authorized representative shall sign the CCC self-declaration for the
specific product; from the date of completion of the compliance information
submission, keep it for at least 10 years for reference. The specific product model
name shall be stated in the CCC self-declaration;

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